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Isuzu Ute Australia Support Daniel Morcombe Foundation 

Just weeks after Bruce and Denise Morcombe finally received justice, Isuzu Ute Australia have re-newed their support of the couple and their award-winning Child Safety programs to school children and parents across Australia. This week Isuzu handed the Morecombes the keys to a new Isuzu SUV, the recently launched Isuzu MU-X.
Bruce and Densie Morcombe with their new Isuzu MU-X 
Äfter clocking up almost 60,000 in their trusty D-Max we thought it would be nice to upgrade Bruce and Denise to our new MU-X,” said Dave Harding, IUAs assistant general manager of marketing and PR. “We all know it has been a pretty heavy start to the year for everyone involved in the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and this was our little way of helping with the determined work Bruce, Denise and their team do,” he said.
Daniel Morcombe’s legacy is the Foundation named in his honour and has provided Child Safety Education and Awareness to millions of Australians over the past nine years. Thanks to the efforts of the Foundation, Queensland’s Department of Education, Training and Employment developed the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum which aims to teach children about personal safety and  awareness, including cybersafety and phone safety, by focusing on three key safety messages: Recognise, React and Report. It is hoped other states and territories will soon adopt this curriculum.
“Isuzu UTE have been supporters of the Foundation for a few years now and we’re very appreciative of this assistance,” said Bruce Morcombe. “When you consider how many ks we do each year … it takes a lot of stress out of our day-to-day running of our program, knowing we have a relaiable and economical vehicle on hand to get us to the hundreds of school visits we do each year,” said Bruce.


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